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No end in sight for Rohingya crisis

Myanmar’s military-controlled-government has so far made every effort to discourage the Rohingyas from returning home. Hence, attempts to  begin a safe and dignified repatriation process have  failed, as refugees refuse to go back, fearing more violence.

New strains of rice could address climate change

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has been working with the Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center to develop strains of rice that are drought resistant and don’t need to be planted in paddies. The research, say, experts, could help bolster food security at a time when COVID-19 is threatening to propel more people into hunger.

World Bank and BRAC will work together to improve road safety in Bangladesh

The collaboration will support exchange of knowledge and raise awareness among stakeholders to reduce fatalities and injuries from road accidents. This will help the country adopt interventions based on the Safe-System Approach, including safe roads and safe behaviors, as recommended globally.

Discrimination in the air

Often, communities experiencing high levels of air pollution are among the most vulnerable, facing poor access to health services, limited economic opportunity, more polluted work environments and racial injustices.  Comprehensive policies are needed to address these interrelated challenges.