Climate Change is Happening, but not Global Warming

By Robin Limb

Since the start of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, average global temperatures have risen by 1degC. This is far less than the long-term historical world temperature fluctuation, according to all available facts.

The evidence for anthropological (man-made) climate change remains unproven. Our children, or our children’s children, may learn the facts one day, but we are all still living in a total vacuum of proof.

Despite news reports to the contrary, the Greenland ice sheet is expanding, and polar bears can walk freely around without having to sit on an ice cube in your gin and tonic.

The world’s climate has always changed, evidenced by two Ice Ages and intermediate much warmer periods. Current weather records go back not much further than 200 years, as opposed to the 20,000 years that we can attempt to divine from meteorology, tree rings, and geology.

There are now literally thousands of R&D workers, scientists and politicians who have nailed their colours to the mast and staked their professional credibility on ‘Climate Change’, so they will be prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect their funding sources and reputations.

Man-made climate change – notice that no-one uses the words ‘Global warming’ anymore – will turn out to be the biggest scientific and political fraud of this century, leading to endless political blind alleys and excuses for taxation policy.

One by one, there are more and more reputable scientists and commentators coming off the fence and admitting that there is no real, peer-reviewed, evidence that man-made global warming is to blame for the natural weather events that we observe on a daily basis. The Emperor really does have no clothes…

As I sit at my office desk listening to the waves crashing on the sea wall, and the hail and rain lashing the windows, with frost forecast for tonight, I have to beg the question “Who is fooling who..?”

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Robin Limb

Robin Limb is an independent agricultural consultant from Hunstanton, Norfolk, United Kingdom.

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