These Famous & Successful People Took Nap Everyday

Yes, you read the title right. Many famous people who were way too successful in their lives, actually took naps almost every single day.

These people used to sleep for short period of time typically during daytime hours. Some took naps to cover up any interruption in the usual night sleep, some took it to recharge themselves during the daytime hours.

Here’s a list of some of the famous & successful people who took nap everyday:

* Leonardo da Vinci used to take naps several times a day. He used to sleep less during the nights.

* John F. Kennedy, the very famous former USA President, used to take regular afternoon naps after finishing his lunch in bed.

* Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French emperor and military leader, used to take daily naps.

* Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor, had regular napping habit.

* For Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister who led Britain to victory in the Second World War, his afternoon nap was a must, as he used to think this helped him get twice as much done everyday.

* Former USA President Ronald Reagan was also known to have taken regular naps. However, he faced criticisms for doing so.

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