Does Apologizing Lower Your Credibility?

By Bahauddin

Taking responsibility for the mistakes you have done is not an easy task. We all know this, don’t we?

You certainly have been in those moments when you knew it’s your mistake, but you didn’t apologize.

Think once, what were the reasons that stopped you from apologizing? Were those reasons rational enough?

Perhaps not…!

What generally stops us from apologizing is either our ego or pride or our fear of being discredited.

Often we don’t apologize because we don’t want to let go of our pride.

Often we fear apologizing might lower our credibility. We fear the ones whom we are apologizing to won’t respect us like before.

But the reality is different what we fear. It’s actually the opposite.

The truth is people look for sincerity from others, irrespective of whether they themselves are sincere or not.

When you show your sincerity and courage of owning your mistakes through your apology, the ones you’re apologizing to will actually start respecting you. And the respect will be genuine.

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