Human Limitation

By Bahauddin

Human limitation.

Why do we human deny it? Why do we mask it?

Why do we overlook it? Why do we try to hide it from others?

Why do we try to create the perception that we are beyond limitation?

No matter how much we try to ignore our limitations, the truth persists: we’re weak, we’re vulnerable and we’re inconsistent creatures.

Deep down in our hearts we know we’re inadequate.

We get sick, we get hurt and we are easily demoralized.

We’re prone to illness and vulnerable to odds.

Anxiety, nervousness, stress and tension break our consistency; create all kinds of negative emotions in us.

Criticism demoralizes us.

Disease attacks our body; mind too.

Reminder of death troubles our inner peace. Because we know we are mortal and, so, we’ll ultimately die.

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