The Choice of Taking Criticism Positively

By Bahauddin

How often do we become upset with the criticism we face?

The very reaction of becoming upset with our own ‘supposed’ faults limits our thinking process.

Therefore, we should rethink whether upsetness or frustration is the right reaction to criticism.

We must understand that we do have the leverage to choose our reactions. More importantly, the ability to determine the right reaction (and then choosing to express this very right reaction) is something that separates us (the humans) from other living creatures.

Upsetness & frustration are surely not the only reactions available to us. Therefore, we shouldn’t choose these negative reactions over  a bunch of other positive ones.

Take criticism positively. Take it as an instrument to rectify your actions — the same actions you were criticized for.

The person/s criticizing you might be doing you a favour instead. He’s giving you an opportunity to re-assess your actions and to improve those actions for future.

You knew this part, didn’t you? You knew already that criticisms can be taken as other person’s constructive feedback on your action. You knew that you could use criticisms in your favour by simply improving yourself, your actions. Your mindset as well.

But you never did what you already knew you should have done. You chose to be upset & frustrated instead. And upsetness & frustration didn’t earn you anything, except wasting your time and your emotion.

Therefore, irrespective of whether anyone’s criticism of you is constructive or not, you must choose to take it as constructive one and should try to improve those of your actions you were criticized for.

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