Why Writing Diary On Holiday Is A Good Idea?

By Bahauddin

Any holiday is important – mostly for the ones who remain busy in other times.

Hence, it wouldn’t be wise to make no use of the day and let the day go unproductive.

So make plans for the day before it arrives. Decide what to do on the day and what to avoid.

One plan could be to write some notes on the diary.

Yes, you’ve heard it right.

Whoever (doctor, businessperson, student, lawyer, teacher, housewife, some service-holder, etc.) you are, you may not get sufficient time daily to think about yourself and think about your likes-dislikes due to your busy lifestyle.

So, whenever you get a holiday (could be any special day, festivals, weekends, etc.), think about yourself. Do some soul searching. Think about your surroundings.

If you do these, you would certainly come to understand what beautiful realizations you have been missing out due to your busy schedules.

Note down these realizations on diary without wasting any more time.

Note down your thoughts, your realizations and your imaginations however little may they be.

In future, you might discover your inner self from reading these diary notes. You might recall those thoughts, realizations and imaginations that used to give you happiness and pleasure. You never know…!

What’s more, because of the pressure and stress we absorb from our busy life, we fail to realize what we actually like and what we don’t. However, we could easily discover our likes-dislikes even in this busy life, provided we keep some time on our holidays for writing diary-notes about what pleases us and what makes us smile.

So, write diary. Write everyday, or atleast on holidays.

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